A village in India boasts of no crimes & no thefts for 400 to 500 years!!!

I chanced upon a story which got me thinking. Aren’t we all guilty of this?

I never really realized my love for food until I came to Dubai. This is one city that spoils you with its exuberance!! From food to clothes Dubai has it all in abundance! I grew up in a household where preparing food was the center of our everyday life. My Grandmother, mother, my sisters all […]

This week, I was quite unsure as to what my blog must be. As I was browsing through the net, something popped up. It was about a Malayalam movie – August Club. Although the movie did not do so well, one fact about the movie intrigued me and I went digging deeper. This movie has […]

Very few times has a Bollywood movie created such a beautiful impact & I am sure neither Kabir Khan nor Vijendra Prasad would have imagined how mammoth a movie Bajrangi Bhaijan would become!

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