Rats in Sharjah are a major fire hazard

Rats in Sharjah are a major fire hazard

Fire experts in Sharjah have revealed that rats are a major cause of fires in the Emirate.

Forensic tests have found that the rodents have a dangerous habit of gnawing through electrical cables, gas cyclinder tubing and other wiring – which can cause explosions.

Homeowners are being encouraged seal up holes surrounding electrical units to reduce the risks of rodents getting in and gnawing through cables.

Eddie Arrowsmith from the N.I.C.E.I.C, an electrical Certification body who specializes in electrical safety in buildings gave this advice.


Authorities have also urged tenants to inform the municipality or use pesticide to reduce rodent numbers and help avoid the problem.

Eddie Arrowsmith says there’s a lot that tenants can go to ensure there is no infestation.


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