Hit967 Weekend

Friday 12am - Sunday 6am


Headhunted from her job as a TV presenter for an Indian channel in Kerala, Nyla moved to Dubai with her family in 2004 to start work at Hit 96.7FM.

As the Big Breakfast Club co-host, the vivacious chatterbox is something of a celebrity within the Malayalee community. Which is great, she says, but this girl is no shrinking violet. Her ultimate goal is to have everyone in Dubai talking about her. “I want to be a household name here!”

When not seeking fame and fortune, Nyla likes to indulge her love for fashion and is no stranger to the Mall of the Emirates. She lists her other hobbies as: “Staring in the mirror, driving, shopping and redecorating my apartment.” But she’s still a mum’s girl at heart, claiming there’s nothing better than a meal cooked by her mother.

Show: The Big Breakfast Club

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