Ice & Flurry!

One wish down the bucket list!! Yea, I have always wanted to know how it was to roll in snow…to feel the snow on my face…to grab a handful and throw it up and play as if there is no tomorrow!!! I did all of this just a couple of days back!! The snow queen was benevolent to me…she rained one me with all her grace and beauty and welcomed me wholeheartedly to Moscow.

The day I landed in the heart of Russia, I knew the next three days is going to be remembered for the rest of my life. This year again it’s going to be a white Christmas. Although the distance to our hotel from the airport wasn’t much, Moscow is infamous for its traffic and we took around an hour and a half to cover a distance of 25kms. But I had no complaints because all around me I saw what I have longed to see for the longest of time! There was snow everywhere…everything looked pure and white!

The first day we went to the Museum of Cosmonautics. The museum primarily focuses on the Soviet space program with major themes like Gagarin, Sergey Korolev, Sputnik and Soyuz and is dedicated to space exploration. I have to be very honest here, more than the space exploration all our minds were on the snow outside and we all longed to skip the history and run in to the snow….and that’s exactly what we did!!!

From there we went to the Arabat Street. It is one of the oldest surviving streets in Moscow. And as we walked through the street, it started to snow!! It was the first every snow fall I saw in my life and it was just out of the world! I fall short of words here to exactly describe what was going through my mind. The flurry felt softly on my face…I wanted to catch them all in my bear hands….and I did all that and more fulfilling all of my heart’s desire to enjoy snow!

The next day our itinerary was Bunker 42, Kremlin & Red square. Three days went by in a jiffy….but with a heart full of happiness and warmth we bid adieu to the snow clad city of Moscow.


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