Icebergs in UAE | Where you can find them!

Every thought you would see Icebergs in a dessert? Well as they say, nothing is impossible thinking makes it so! And this is more so in the case of UAE, a country that has mesmerized us in all ways!! Happened to come across this news and this got me super excited!!


The National Advisor Bureau Limited announced plans to tow icebergs from Antarctica to Fujairah, according to Arabian Business. The UAE Icebergs Project would provide a new source of freshwater in the region.

Aside from being a water source (and quite a beautiful new tourist attraction), the project could cause climate change. It’s thought that the large quantity of cold air that comes from icebergs would trigger rainstorms throughout the year. Utilising these icebergs as a source of fresh water would also help to reduce the rate that the sea level is rising.

This is part of the Rub’ El Amer (Filling The Empty Quarter) projects, which are designed to turn the Empty Quarter into lush gardens.

Well more could be in store for us, because for all you know this would be just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended)




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