Last Thursday was such an eye opener for me. I walked in to my office and saw some of my friends sitting round a table with their usual morning coffee…. And as part of the usual pleasantries I asked them “How is life?” to which one of them responded like this:
A: you wanna know how my life is??I have three meetings scheduled and I don’t think I will finish my work for the weekend. I haven’t had time to do my grocery so haven’t cooked anything.Because of which I am eating outside food and hence I am putting on weight!!!! Aaanndd…. I haven’t done the laundry in like two weeks and my home is a mess!!!!
Me: Ohh man….but why do you have to do the laundry , don’t you have a washing machine?
A: ohh that’s not been working for the past two weeks and I haven’t had time to call a mechanic!!
To which one of the friends asked
P: So can’t you ask your husband to call in someone?
A: (giving one of her mad laughs): My husband??? How can I ask my husband to do anything at all?? He is a very busy man…Apart from his job he has his cricket, football, watsapp & facebook. All of these things are a matter of life and death for him!!!!
We all roared in laughter!!!!
Then chipped in another friend of mine who is single and yet to find someone to mingle!!
L: you wanna know how my life is??? I got up- walked my dog- cleaned his poop- went home- watered the plants- took a shower- made myself breakfast and came to work
Me: Well that’s more or less everyone’s morning. You have a lot of time in the evening’s right?
L: (Mocking me )Yea so I go home- walk my dog- clean his poop- get back home- water the plants- take a shower and sleep
After a moments silence we all murmured something inaudible that sounded something like woooaa…..
The third friend who is also a new mom had quite a lot to pitch in
P: My baby is such a bliss from all the boredom in my life. But nights are pretty hectic….with my sleep getting disturbed every couple of hours.
The nearby clock showed 11am and it was time for my show. So I left the gang and got in to the studio. I got a call saying I will have a guest in my show. I was only told the girl is special and she is a talented singer and painter. In an hours’ time I got a call from the reception saying “Maya, Kanmony is waiting for you”. I went to the reception and saw Kanmony was special in more than a single way.

FullSizeRender (7)

I brought her to the studio and we got talking. When god made Kanmony, he wanted her to stand out in more ways than one! He decided to make Kanmony special by not giving her two arms and although he gave her two legs, one of them was faulty. Looking at her I realized it never really bothered her. So I casually asked her too, “kanmony, How is life”? To which she replied; Life has been great so far…no regrets….I have got all I have wanted. Although god forgot to give me my hands, he gave me two strong legs with which I paint well and I play the piano!! I am confident there is a lot more I can achieve.” I stood there in awe! A 16yr old child showed me that no matter what life throws at you, it is up to us to seek perfection in our imperfection, strength in our weakness, smile within our tears!!
We are so quick at cribbing and complaining about our work, about the traffic, about the heat, about our spouses but how often do we sit back and think about how fortunate we are to have a job, how fortunate we are to be in a CAR during the traffic, how fortunate we are to have Air conditioned homes, How fortunate we are to have a partner to go back home to?
If Kanmony’s words are anything to go by; we all have a lot more to do with our lives….to make it meaningful and to make it worth living.
So How is life?

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