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If you believe that you have an extraordinary business idea that is worth to be based in UAE and you need support in planning, financing and Business startup License from Prime Global, it’s a lifetime chance for anyone with a brilliant business concept that’s achievable, measurable, significant and realistic.  

Hit 96.7 fm is giving the below 3 winners the chance to start a business in the UAE!

The concept is to bring out the best ideas in town by our beloved Listeners. Listen to Hit 96.7fm for more information.

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1st Winner: Fawaz’s Idea
Who doesn’t love Airplanes & many of our dreams came true by flying to Dubai on an Airplane to make our dreams. Every one of us cannot own an airplane but we definitely can own a piece of Aviation with my innovative idea of turning these retired Airplanes & their parts to a piece of Art or furniture. Why should they end up in scrap yard while we can convert them to a piece of Art where everyone can have them in their home/office. Being an Aircraft Engineer by profession I can make this happen with this opportunity God has given me through Hit Capital.
Fawaz won a voucher worth 50,000 AED
2nd Winner (Wildcard entry): Dr. Abhirami
I would like to start an Ayurvedic product trading company. The product will be made under the supervision of specialized Ayurvedic doctors & marketed by a leading trading company based in Dubai. This is an alternative product for the existing energy drinks in the global market. The uniqueness of the product will be purely organic which will meet global standards with nominal cost. This is an alternative energy health supplement.
Dr. Abhirami won a voucher worth 15,000 AED
3rd Winner: Mahesh’s Idea
I am planning to develop a portal & app. The user can compare the prices and offers of the product in different hypermarkets or shops that are located in the radius that user is chosen. He can add multiple items list, it will show all items data. The user can add those products into the cart and confirm, confirmed products can collect from that shop within 3 days with same offer price even if the offer ends. If the shop has a delivery option, he can choose that.
Mahesh won a voucher worth 10,000 AED

4th Winner: Joseph’s Idea
I have a unique idea for making a miniature garden for offices, home & shopping malls. This is my dream. I have done some sample paces at my home and office. Please find the attached some images for your info. Please help me to start an office in Dubai for professional miniature garden business.
Joseph won a voucher worth 5,000 AED











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