Your chance to live rent free for one year!

It’s back to that time of the year when we at Hit967 give you, our listeners a chance to WIN a rent-free studio apartment for one whole year!

If you are the lucky one, you could be living rent-free at a studio apartment in DISCOVERY GARDEN – Dubai’s much sought after residential area!

What’s more, we even throw in the groceries for one whole year, along with many other goodies!

So with FLAT967, you are a winner all the way! CLICK BELOW AND PLAY THE GAME TO WIN!!!




1. Click “Start” to begin your game.
2. Once the game has begun, try to collect as many golden keys possible without letting your player get crushed or fall off the grid
3. Your game will be over if your player gets killed or falls off the grid without collecting the golden keys.
4. Try to collect as many keys possible to qualify for the wild card entry for the final round of contests on hit967.
5. Fill out your name and number before submitting your score.


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  1. You must be the age 18 and above to participate in this competition and a valid resident of UAE
  2. The winner who wins this competition wins a fully furnished and serviced studio apartment rent-free for a year at discovery gardens + complimentary breakfast for 2 people for 300 days
  3. The prize is non-refundable and for any reason, if the selected winner cannot claim the apartment within the stipulated time, the prize would be forfeited and ARN would select another winner.
  4. The final lease contract will be signed between the winner and our partner Chelsea Gardens Hotel Apartment, Discovery Garden.
  5. ARN will not be liable for any fee incurred on using the optional services offered or any such charges towards the usage of this prize
  6. All other incidental and government charges if any would need to be settled directly by the winner with Chelsea Gardens Hotel.
  7. The prize is not transferable or be rented out to any other person, other than the winner.



  1. A fully furnished Studio apartment at Chelsea gardens hotel apartments at Discovery gardens.
  2. Breakfast is for 300 days for a couple.
  3. Temperature controlled Air Condition.
  4. LCD Television in living room + TV in the bedroom as well.
  5. Fully equipped state of the art gymnasium.
  6. Satellite/Cable Television.
  7. Housekeeping.
  8. 24-Hour Concierge.
  9. 24-Hour Security.
  10. 24 Hour Reception.
  11. Safety Deposit Box.
  12. Iron & Iron Box.
  13. Fully Equipped Kitchenette.
  14. Washing Machine.













































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