Top 5 places to go in under 5 hours!

A long weekend is looming. While a lot of people are already on their way to a holiday, some of you may just need the push to decide where to go! Right? Well, so what if your holidays are just a short one – you can still have a fabulous time.

We have selected TOP 5 places you can go (with visa on arrival options) in less than five hours from UAE.

We have selected these FIVE destinations for FIVE reasons –

  1. Short flying time
  2. Visa on Arrival
  3. Weather
  4. Family getaway
  5. Cost


Bridge of Peace. Tbilisi. Georgia

Currently on the top of the list for travelers from the UAE, Georgia is a complete experience in itself. Monasteries, sulfur baths, snowy mountains and grape gardens await your visit in this beautiful country. The food? Well, Georgia will easily satiate your hunger pangs – and don’t forget to dig into those delicious and juicy khinkalis (dumplings).
Flight time: 4 hours.


Fancy a beach holiday? Then Seychelles is just right. Short flying distance, lovely weather, white sandy beaches, lovely long walks and fabulous food. Go island hopping, snorkeling or diving to your hearts content – in Seychelles you will experience not a moment of laziness! And yes, wile you are there, don’t forget to go see those giant tortoises too!
Flight time: 4:30 hours


Let’s see what you can do in Sri Lanka for four days – well, you can lie on the beach, go diving, visit tea plantations, elephant orphanages, indulge in some pampering, eat delicious food and climb a rock! If that is not enough, there are museums, elephant safari, leopard parks and ancient city ruins that you can check out!
Flight time: 4 hours


Admire valleys, peaks and lakes in this beautiful but less known country bordering Georgia. Go up the Wings of Tatev for some old world indulgence. Have we mentioned the ancient Temple of Garni? Or the bustle of Yerevan? Ans yes, if you love classical music, then make sure you catch a show at the Opera.
Flight time: 3:15 hours


Jordan is not just Petra (but of course) or floating in the Dead Sea, but about gladiators battle and chariots races in the ruins of Jerash. Relive your “gladiator moment” albeit briefly or camp under the stars in exotic wadis. A visit to this fascinating country will also give you a memorable lesson in history!
Flight time: 3 hours














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