If it’s possible to be addicted to news, Fazlu would be the ultimate news junkie. Crazy about current affairs, he’s lived and breathed news since graduating from CDIT in Kerala with a Masters in Audio Visual Journalism.

For there, he leapt straight into work, starting on the 24-hour news TV channel, India Vision. After being headhunted for Hit 96.7FM in 2004, Fazlu moved to Dubai with his wife where they’ve since had a baby daughter. One of life’s greatest pleasures, he says, is swimming with his daughter at Jumeirah open beach every day.

Much of the rest of his free time is spent keeping up with news from all over the world. “I spend a lot of time reading to stay informed about everything that’s going on in the world but that’s ok because I love it. And I love that on Hit I can give my own review on news and issues, I add my angle. I hope there comes a day when the whole world waits to hear the Fazlu twist to every story!”

Hear him: On the special news report, Sunday to Thursday, 8am

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