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Birthdays for me, have often been filled with some beautiful memories. Some of my friends often ask, ‘what is there in a birthday.”

A beautifully decorated living room. Time is 8.30pm on the clock. Wife is engrossed in her usual soap opera. The door-bell rings. She happily opens the door. Husband walks in, he is visibly exhausted. Wife comes back and sits in front of the TV Wife: (casually) how was your day? Husband: As usual. What’s for […]

Couple of days back, when we Indians had the opportunity to witness a public addressing of our Honorable Prime Minister, I could see why our country was truly called the land of diversity

I looked at my friends and all of us had the same curious look on our face. And with the same inquisitiveness, all of were quick to grab our smart phones and google out the said word “Phubbing”.

I for one was always inspired by Dr APJ Kalam’s humility and simplicity. He was perhaps one of the wisest first citizens India has ever seen.

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