WIN the Big Hit Wedding !!!

Have you dreamed of having a fairytale wedding but thought you couldn’t afford it? Now’s your chance to make your dreams come true. 

HIT 96.7FM is giving one couple a chance of a lifetime and fulfill their dreams and give them The Big Hit Wedding.

The winning couple will receive a reception or post-wedding party for 100 pax where we complete the wedding with the decor, dress, jewelry, and Dj.


Krishna Moorthy And Lakshmi

This couple just celebrated their 30th anniversary!
They have been nominated by their daughter Aswathy who was loved a lot by her parents. They had huge dreams for her wedding, but she fell in love with someone who her parents couldn’t approve. They did not get her married off for a long time, in the meanwhile they got her younger sister married. Aswathy did finally get a namesake wedding. Now she has solved all differences with her parents and wants to gift them a wedding they dreamt of giving her on their 30th Anniversary!

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