Monday, April 24, 2017
BBC podcasts

BBC Podcasts


  • Attestation not correct, Prank Call Shaakir Jamaal - Big Breakfast Club

  • Book review _ Big Breakfast Club

  • Prank Call - Shamseer

  • Interview with actor Tovino Thomas on his new film Guppi

  • Interview with director Ranjith Shankar on his new release Pretham

  • Interview with actor Shine Nigham of Kismath fame

    The Big Breakfast Club interviews upcoming actor Shine Nigham after the runaway success of his film Kismath

  • Prank Call with Siji | August 2

  • Prank Call with Shimitha | August 8

  • Prank Call with Tahira | August 14

  • Prank call to Shabitha Fahad asking to make jewelry

  • Prank call - Leon

    You ordered Hammoor but we gave you Sheri, call from restaurant!!

  • Prank Call to Lamiya

    Call from hotel asking to pay for cracked TV screen

  • Dr Dinesh Kartha on obesity

  • Prank Call - Praveen