Monday, April 24, 2017

Maya Kartha



Compared to other languages, English may seem simple, but that is probably because most people don’t realize it is full of crazy inventions, misinterpretations

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Ice & Flurry!

One wish down the bucket list!! Yea, I have always wanted to know how it was to roll in snow…to feel the snow on my face…to grab a handful and throw it up and play as if there is no tomorrow!!! I did all of this just a couple of ...

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how is life 2


Last Thursday was such an eye opener for me. I walked in to my office and saw some of my friends sitting round a table with their usual morning coffee…. And as part of the usual pleasantries I asked them “How is life?” to which one of them responded like ...

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resized praveen veendum 2

My mind blew!!!

This week i had the privilege of having Mr.Praveen in my studio. Though an aeronautical Engineer by profession, It was his passion to become a mentalist. I hope you guys saw how he amazed us at the studio. And after the show he amazed us with some more tricks. Check ...

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